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¿Necesitas que te echemos un cable? Estamos aquí para responderte: alguna duda que tengas, sugerencias que se te hayan ocurrido, consultarnos el tiempo que va a hacer en tus vacaciones. Este es tu buzón de atención a ULab.

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    Offices for rent in Alicante

    ULab despacho

    Are you looking for a place to develop your professional activity? Are you looking for an office rental in Alicante? In ULab you can rent your own private office in the city centre of Alicante. ULab is a place that provides all of the services and conforts that you may need to work hand in hand with your team and run your business.


    The offices of the ULab co-working centre are designed for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and professionals. There are 12 private offices with a maximum capacity of 5-8 people. Each private office is equipped with tables, ergonomic chairs, bookshelves, drawers, and a security system.

    You can rent an office for a month or multiple months. All offices have exclusive services:

    • Package and message reception service and discounts on our most advanced virtual office packs.
    • 6 hours/month of free use of our meeting rooms
    • 40% discount on meeting room rentals for up to 8 people
    • 20% discount on training room rentals
    • Free access to all our events, trainings and ULab workshops
    • Unique discounts on payments
    • A spread on our website and social networks
    • Free coffee to keep you awake
    • Shared printer to print your ideas
    • Membership of the ULab Club.

    The safety of your equipment and documents is very important for you, and we understand that. Therefore, we have an assurance policy that covers the total amount of your equipment in case of theft or irregularities.

    despachos ULab Alicante


    What are your needs to set up your business? What do you need on a daily basis to run your activity and optimize your time? A social, fiscal, or commercial address for your company? A place where you can easily receive packages and professional mailing? A person to attend your visits, your phone calls, or manage your messages? ULab is adapted to your needs.

    If you need a virtual office we can provide it to you. Depending on your needs, there are three plans to choose from: Basic, Premium, and Professional.

    If you are looking for a physical office, virtual office, a place to meet with your clients, or a training room, you have arrived to the right place. Welcome to the offices of ULab!

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