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¿Necesitas que te echemos un cable? Estamos aquí para responderte: alguna duda que tengas, sugerencias que se te hayan ocurrido, consultarnos el tiempo que va a hacer en tus vacaciones. Este es tu buzón de atención a ULab.

    Your coworking place in Alicante

    Become a member of ULab from €115/month

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    50 slots
    Flexible plans
    Meeting rooms
    Private lockers

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    In ULab you can aquire your own individual working place and have access to all the services and the comfort a business centre can offer you. Create professional synergies, networks, and take advantage of everything the ULab community provides you.

    Be a coworker in ULab

    Imagine having your desk ready to provide the maximum performance. It's time to start working at ULab. Come and discover the advantages of having your own workspace.

    1 Boost your creativity, things happen here.

    2 Separate your home from your professional life.

    3 Coffee break, it's time to create synergies.

    4 Be part of the ULab coworker community.
    Planes flexibles
    ULab Full
    Full-time coworking
    • Full-time access
    • 4h of meeting rooms included
    month + VAT
    ULab Half
    Media jornada
    • Horario de mañana o tarde
    • 2h gratis de salas de reuniones
    al mes + IVA
    ULab U-Cool
    Teletrabaja fuera de casa
    • 10 jornadas o 20 medias jornadas y 4 horas en salas de reunión al mes
    • Salas de reuniones videoconferencia gratis
    al mes + IVA
    ULab U-Teams
    Dale a tu PYME el espacio que necesita
    • 20 jornadas o 40 medias jornadas y 20 horas sala de reunión al mes
    • Free use of videoconference rooms
    month + VAT
    ULab 25
    25 hours per week
    • Distribuidas toda la semana
    • Free use of small meeting rooms
    month + VAT
    ULab 10
    10 hours per week
    • Distribuidas toda la semana
    • Free use of small meeting rooms
    month + VAT
    ULab UDay
    One day pass
    • Full-day access
    • Free use of small meeting rooms
    VAT included
    ULab Hour
    Pase por horas
    • Paga por horas consumidas
    • Salas de reuniones pequeñas gratis
    por hora + IVA
    Included in all plans
    300mb internet connection
    Drinks included
    Meeting rooms
    Mentoring sessions
    Oficina BASIC
    Private lockers
    Spreading on ULab website
    Your own working place