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Interview to Eclipseo:  Digital Marketing Agency in Alicante

In a world in which interpersonal relationships in the working world (and sometimes in the personal world) take place through screens, behind the profile of a company ,it is important to remember that there is a person or a team of people.
In the case of ULab, there are two women who are in charge of communication and marketing in social networks and we wanted to interview them so you can get to know them a little bit better and how their Digital Marketing Agency in Alicante was born: Eclipseo.

They are Sandra and Paloma, two Alicantinians with extensive training and experience in the world of marketing and advertising. In a very close way, they open up and tell us more about themselves. Surely more than once you have seen them at ULab.

What is Eclipseo?

Eclipseo is a digital marketing agency located in Alicante. We like to say that Eclipseo is formed by us, Paloma and Sandra, together with all our clients. Because day by day they are with whom we are in contact and with whom we continue to learn and innovate.

How was Eclipseo born?

Eclipseo was born from the need to invest in the most valuable thing we have, our time, in working for ourselves. It is said that we spend a third of our day working…we believe we spend more. And since we are going to spend our time doing that, what less than enjoying what we do.
In the end, the advantage of this is that not only do clients choose us, but we choose them. We choose each other.

Why Eclipseo?

We were looking for a name that would make an impact and reflect our agency’s claim. Our goal is to outshine our competition and get you to choose us, to help you do it with yours. That way we all win. And “seo”, why lie, we thought it was smart to include one of our keywords in the naming, and it’s not bad at all, right?

What sets you apart from the competition?

“We are different. Exactly like the rest.” At a time when we usually say that “everything has already been invented”, we like to reinvent, mix and recycle. It is clear that it is increasingly difficult to start from scratch with an idea. That’s why we like to squeeze what works and transform it to make it better.
As Dabiz Muñoz says, “If something works, you have to change it to keep improving”.

What is clear to us is that we do not want to fall into the typical mistakes of an agency, like the ones we have worked with. So our great differential feature is that, if we make a mistake, it will be in a different way than the rest. It is always easier to know what you do NOT want.

What do you do?

Well, despite spending most of our time working, we are more than just marketing experts. We both like to enjoy quality time with our friends and have always been very family oriented, which is unusual for millennials. Regarding our hobbies we could say that I have jumped on the bandwagon of paddle fever (Sandra) and I develop my artistic side making vegan bags in a project that I share with my mother in Tailor Nature.

So marketing experts?
Yes, if we had to define ourselves professionally that would be our Instagram bio. We both studied Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Alicante in 2011. Then we went to Madrid to do a Master’s Degree in Protocol and Event Organization at the UCJC. When we returned to Alicante in 2016 we made a niche for ourselves in this world of marketing. And in 2021, post pandemic , we have decided to start our own agency after having studied, lived and worked together for years.

Person of reference who inspires you:

Sandra: Daniela Rodriguez, CEO of @soyolivia. It was one of the first influencer agencies and today has the most influential content creators in Spain.
Paloma: Daniela too, but in my case Goicoechea. She is the CMO of Goiko and founder of Brandcrops.
By way of a survey, how many hours a day do you spend on your cell phone?
Hahaha a lot! Well, in our case you could say that it is justified since it is one of our work tools…

Music for work, yes or no?

Sandra: In my case there are two totally different moods. If I have to write and be fully concentrated, I can’t work with music. On the other hand, if the work I’m doing doesn’t require an extreme level of concentration, such as designing, I’ll put on a playlist that motivates me and I’ll be on top of my game. In that case, I can listen to anything with a good vibe.
Paloma: Yes to music , always. I usually listen to calm and relaxing music. Lately I’ve been into Julia Gartha.

Visit Eclipseo’s website here


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