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Interview with Javier Mondéjar – Les Gavines Hogueras

We love meeting new people, expanding our network of contacts, doing different activities, listening to music, eating and above all having a city full of activities that you would never imagine finding!

Did you know that in Alicante we have a lot of groups with different activities where you not only meet new people but also enjoy a good time or meet Alicante Activities at Meet Up or Les Gavines?

We would like to introduce you to Javier, who thanks to his energy and enthusiasm has been able to grow and promote this world of activities in Alicante.

On this occasion we would like to introduce you to his project for the Hogueras de San Juan Alicante 2023, his project called Les Gavines “Hogueras are for you too” is linked to the foreign community that exists in Alicante, which for us Alicante people is a pleasure for them to know, admire and above all enjoy the Hogueras this year.

We are very happy to know it and above all to be able to be collaborators …….., if collaborators, that means that we have one or another event that we will present to you later ;). Well then! Let’s enjoy this great interview that has brought tears to our eyes.


1P: For those who don’t know you, who are you?

I’m Javier Mondéjar, a 27 year old guy from Alicante. Something remarkable about me is my height, almost two meters, for the rest I’m a pretty normal person.

2P: What do you do?

It’s hard for me to sit still and I’m involved in several projects at the same time. I’m mainly involved in event organisation and digital marketing. I’m very involved with the music scene in Alicante and also with the expat and international community in Alicante.

3P: What is Alicante activities?

It’s the biggest expat and international community in Alicante. It has more than 10,000 followers, although it’s more than that. It’s a lovely group of people.

4P: What does Alicante activities offer?

Have you ever travelled to a country that is not your own and tried to make friends? It’s very complicated at first. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could introduce you to the people who already live there and explain things about the local culture from day one? That’s what we do in Alicante Activities.

5P: In today’s competitive world, what do you think is the one thing that sets you apart from the competition?

At least two things. The first is that I really care about my job, I feel like a host to a lot of people and I want to be the best host I can be. The second is that risk-taking is part of my everyday life, I am ambitious and I am not afraid to take risks. If something doesn’t work out as I expected, I’m always in time to say “I tried but it didn’t work out, next time it will be better”.

6P: On which platforms is Alicante activities?

Mainly on Meetup, but also on facebook and whatsapp.

7P: What event are you planning?

The most ambitious event I’ve ever had. The first barraca de hogueras dedicated to the expat and international community of Alicante. This is something pioneering, never in the whole history of Alicante has there been anything like it. The man is Les Gavines and the slogan “Hogueras are for you too”.

8P:Do you have any new projects for 2023 – 2024 that you would like to share with us?

I have many ideas. Probably the next one will be very much related to music in Alicante and the local artists that are here. It’s still very much up in the air but don’t worry, the ULab people will be among the first to know about it.

9P: And finally, is there any phrase, philosophy or reference that you follow in your day to day life?

It’s a funny question because I studied Philosophy for 5 years at the University of Valencia. There is a phrase that has always marked me a lot but I can never remember the author, maybe because I didn’t finish my degree. It says: “It is difficult to be good”. It is a compass that guides me in my daily life. How can I be good at what I do? By choosing the hard way every day. Why? Because it’s hard to be good.

Meet Les Gavines and their event at ULab this June 8th at 18:30


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