OFFICE, nueva forma de trabajar en un coworking
OFFICERnD: how an app can connect with a community

We explain how to book your meeting rooms with just one click




OfficeRnD is an application that will help us improve the user experience at ULab, offering software solutions that promote flexible working.



It is a specialized property management and tenant engagement platform for coworking and flex spaces as well as landlords.






You will receive an email with the necessary steps to log in to the application.





Accept the terms and conditions

Accept the terms and conditions in order to have full access to the application.







Upload your logo and organization or personal information to:



Settings/My account/General.









Book a meeting room from the reservation module

We will explain the steps you have to follow to reserve the rooms in ULab, remember that you can always call or write to reception to solve your doubts:






Start your experience in the main Office panel. Click on “New Reservation”.






Click on “reserve” the room you are going to use.






Write your name or the reason for the reservation, the date and time.






Below you will find the summary of the reservation. In the case of having a coworking contract, “free” or “free” will appear in the total, since certain meeting rooms include in the contract.






Once the room is reserved, you will see the summary of your reservation and the number that will help us to know the type of reservation you have made.






As you will see, at the start of your application the reservation(s) you make will appear. In the case of deleting the reservation, click on the reservation and then “delete reservation”.







For more information contact us





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