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EIP Alicante point in ULab

Are you an entrepreneurs who’s thinking of starting your own business? Are you wondering how you could start your professional project? If the answer is yes, the Entrepreneur Information Point in ULab is the place for you.

What is an EIP Point?

If you are an entrepreneur, the EIP is the place where you can start to design your business project. We will give you some advice and help you start on a good foot. Personalized advice for free. This is our mission:

  • Provide information and give you advice to define your business initiatives, and guidance during the first years of your business activity.
  • Prepare the administrative paperwork to set-up your business or help you on how to become a freelancer.

If you are thinking of starting a business and you want us to help you to get your activity started, we’ll be delighted to meet you and provide you with all of the information, advice, training, and support that these kind of steps may need.

What are the advantages of going to an EIP Alicante point?

It spares time: Besides of not wasting your time visiting and queueing in different institutions, with the integrated information system we use in our EIP, we can communicate in real time with all of the institutions about your project. For instance, if you want to set up a Private Company Limited by Shares (Ltd.) it could take you approximately a month to do all the paper work, but in an EIP, all this work takes about half of the time. It can sometimes be done in just a week! You only have to come and visit the EIP and the public notary. The EIP will arrange the meeting.

It spares money: the professionals working in an EIP have to obey their agreements with the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. This means that they are subjected to their fees and that some of their performances are free. If we take, for instance, the previous case of setting up a Ltd. the costs would approximately be €400. This cost is less than a third of what it could cost if you did it the traditional way.

To sum up, if you are thinking of setting up a Company, it would cost you around €400 and it would be done in less than two weeks.

punto de atención a emprendedores Alicante

What kind of companies can be managed in an EIP?

These are the kind of companies that can be managed directly from the EIP Point in ULab. Don’t worry if you don’t know the names, we will help you understanding them and choosing the most suitable one for you.

  • Sociedad Limitada de Formación Sucesiva
  • Sociedad Limitada Nueva Empresa
  • Private Company Limited by Shares (Ltd.)
  • Self- employed (freelance)

The entrepreneur information point uses a teleprocessing system

The EIP centre has an agreement with the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism which allows it to act as an information centre and to use their CIRCE system to create new companies thanks to its Teleprocessing System (STT). This means that once an entrepreneur is ready to create its company in an EIP, it will automatically be created by using the CIRCE information system. CIRCE, the Information Centre and Network of the Creation of Companies (Centro de Información y Red de Creación de Empresas), is an information system that allows the creation of several kinds of companies online in Spain.

What are the advantages for you as a new company holder? By visiting the EIP you can arrange many processes that in another situation would oblige you to go to several institutions such as: La Agencia Tributaria (Tax agency), La Tesorería General de la Seguridad Social (General Treasury of the Social Security), Tax Offices, Commercial Registry, etc. It would be nice if someone did it for you, wouldn’t it? the EIP is that someone.

How can I use this EIP point service in ULab?

Every Thursday morning our specialized consultant, César Ramirez (Registered Economist at the Association of Business Graduates, nr. COTMAE 2255), is at ULab. He will resolve your doubts and help you to set up your business.

If you are a ULab member you do not need to make an appointment. However, if you want to come to the EIP point and you’re not an ULab member, you will have to make an appointment to avoid queueing and still recieve the attention that you deserve. Please, contact us here.

In this EIP point you will have many free services that will help you to focus your project in the correct way. You just have to visit us to get all the details about how we can help you launch.

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