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    What is a virtual office?

    Virtual office? This term may sound weird to you. Previously it was totally unknown in Spain but is frequently used in Europe. A virtual office is the one that allows your company to have an official address and take advantage of other services as if it were a physical office.


    To whom is a virtual office addressed to?

    What do you need to set up your business and optimize your time? A social, fiscal, or commercial address for your company? A place where you can easily receive packages and professional mailing? A person to attend your visits, your phone calls or manage your messages?

    Are your needs different and your profile doesn’t necessarily match with other entrepreneurs or freelancers? Depending on your situation, you can use a virtual office in one sense or another. Generally speaking, this kind of offices suits you if:

    You work at home and need a location for your business or company

    If you work at home and you don’t want your private address to be your company address you can use a virtual office. This is a way to separate your home with the location of your activity. If you create a Google my Business account you can use the address of the virtual office as your operation centre.

    You travel a lot and you need a place to receive your mailing and messages

    If you need a place where you can centralize your operations, such as receiving messages, packages, and calls, then this is the kind of office that suits you. You will be able to have everything in just one place.

    You need a virtual secretary to receive your phone calls and store your messages

    If you need to disconnect but not miss any phone calls, messages of letters. If you want to go on vacation and disconnect. Or if you want to work without depending on the telephone, you may need a virtual secretary. ULab can provide this.

    oficinas virtuales
    ULab offers virtual office services

    The benefits of the virtual offices


    • Peace of mind knowing that you won’t lose any information. The daily work of an entrepreneur or freelancer like you can be stressful sometimes, especially when you are beginning or you have a lot of work to do. It is very important to keep calm knowing that you are not missing any phone calls or clients. Therefore, one of the main benefits of this kind of virtual service is “your peace of mind”.
    • Sparing time. To spare time to dedicate it to run or work at your project is essential. Forget about answering phone calls or receiving letters and packages. Spare your time and dedicate it to the really important things: running your business or company.
    • To be able to achieve everything. When you start a business you may have many meetings or a lot of daily tasks to do. It is hard to do everything. A virtual office can’t run the company for you, but it can help you with other things and help you spare time.
    • Everything in just one place. By centralizing your company you will spare time and resources. It is easier to have just one place to receive your mailing, phone call messages or even a virtual secretary to answer the phone for you. Chaos generates chaos, and having everything in one place will help you to keep your mind calm and worry about the things that really matter.

    Now that you know what a virtual office is and what it can do for you, we invite you to meet our virtual offices in ULab. Here you will find all the information about plans and prices. If you prefer, you can phone us or leave a message to this article.

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