Training rooms


Recycling and training are two essential factors to be competitive. Whether you want to give or receive a training, ULab provides you specifically adapted training rooms that are totally equipped for the needed aims.

Aula 1
35 people
Arm chairs
58€/hour + Tax
50sqm. room
Aula 2
16 personas
“U” set up
58€/hour + Tax
50sqm. room
Aula 3
20 people
School set up
58€/hour + Tax
50sqm. room

What's included?

Full day rent €330 + Tax (7 hours for free)
Half day rent € 230 + Tax (2.5 hours for free)
High speed Wi-Fi (symmetric 300mb)
Folders, paper sheets, and pens
HDMI projector
Flipchart and blackboard
Bottles of water

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Bas van den Berg

ULab is an awesome place to get inspired, network with like-minded people and to get some work done! We can only say that we are very pleased with the way everything is organized at ULab.

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