What is a CRM and which one is best for your company?

Nowadays, most companies have good CRM software, what does it stand for? Customer Relationship Management”

The function of a CRM is to manage three key departments in a company: marketing, sales and customer service. Any action managed through this software has as its main objective to increase sales.

There are an infinite number of CRMs, but in today’s post we select the 5 best ones and explain their pros and cons.

1. Wiwink

Wiwink is a CRM in the cloud that helps to optimize and simplify the tasks of your business by being able to connect and gather all your accounts and platforms in the same control panel.

In addition to this, it facilitates customer acquisition and management through the use of satisfaction surveys, and the implementation of marketing campaigns on social networks. Another of its advantages is that you have the possibility of digitally signing and sharing documents in a simple way, which saves you time and money.

To sum up,Wiwink is one of the most complete CRMs on the market, helping you to win customers, optimize costs, simplify management and build lasting relationships with your customers.

2. Hubspot

This CRM is mainly used for Inbound Marketing strategies, that is, one that attracts customers in a non-intrusive way and offers content adjusted to their needs and interests.

It has a database of contacts on which marketing, commercial and service actions are carried out. These contacts are organized with all the information we have about them, so that it facilitates their search and filtering at the time of recruitment.

This CRM also has the possibility of including the Hubspot Marketing Hub software, a tool that allows us to register the people who visit our website to group them in one of the lists.

3. Salesforce

Salesforce has a cloud platform where all interactions with customers are recorded and can be accessed by company employees from anywhere.

It started out as a tool for tracking sales, but in recent years it has come a long way with features such as: managing marketing campaigns, querying customer service, logging calls, and even creating reports. It also has a 30-day free trial, do you want to give it a try?

4. Microsoft Dynamics

Not only has the functionalities of a CRM, but also of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), i.e. business planning, combined with Office’s own office automation solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics allows you to create and maintain a complete and global view of customer information, obtained from the first contact until the purchase and post-sale process is completed. It also allows to achieve a consistent and measurable improvement of sales, services, marketing and customer service processes.

5. Zoho

Finally, we have Zoho, a customer management software in which we have email marketing or CRM.

Focusing on what it allows as a CRM, we highlight its efficient management of the database, being able to control from one place the business relationship of the company with the customer. In addition, Zoho collects and manages customer information, creating a history of them to improve the quality and personalize the treatment given to them.

As you have seen, a CRM in your company can have numerous advantages. Although CRMs generally seek to satisfy and manage customer relationships, not all CRMs are equally suited to your company’s needs or your customer’s interests.

Which one suits your company best?

If you would like to know more tools that facilitate the work of your company, take a look at this post Software to manage a company. Much more content and news on our social networks, FacebookInstagramLinkedIn y Twitter. Follow us!


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