Interview Kasper Nielsen – Student Abroad

Interview – ULab

1P: For those who do not know you in ULab, Who are you?

My name Is Kasper Nielsen. I come from Denmark and are here in Alicante with my Spanish class from school. 

2P: What do you do?

In my daily life I go to Roskilde Handelsskole, which is a high school and I’m at the third or final year. I don’t have a job but make money online with my phone and computer. 

3P: What role do you have in the company? (If you don’t work on your own)

Right now, I am here in practice with ULab while I’m here with my school. Here I do translation work to help translate different documents, from Spanish to English. 

4P: In today’s competitive world, what do you think sets you apart from the competition?

I know much more about how the world works in this day and age and in the newer times. I have grown up with the internet and therefor I’m very good at using it. It’s easier than ever to make money online and if you put in the work, easier to become rich and have the lifestyle you want with all the freedom you want.

I stand out because I know how to achieve this and have a huge head start to becoming successful and living my dream life, in comparison to others.

5P: How do you end up at ULab?

I got signed to do practice here by my school before we travelled here.

6P: What does ULab give you as a place to work? What advantages do you find in working in a Coworking space?

The facilities are very nice here which makes it much more comfortable. The people here are all here for the same reason and makes the coworking space much more enjoyable because you know people won’t interrupt you unless they maybe need help which is also why it’s a good place. People can ask each other for help if needed.

7P: What is your opinion on how coworking has changed after the pandemic, in a practical sense? That is to say, the «new normal» of space organization, management, the flow of people, social distancing, etc.

I think the pandemic opened up an opportunity for more people being better at working at home in front of a desk and getting something out of it, but I also think many people missed the space where you were around other people and I think that’s why after the pandemic lifted and the world became more open the coworking space became more popular even though some people still might want to distance themselves from others because of Corona.

8P: Do you have any new project in your hands for 2022 – 2023 that you want to share with us?

I can’t say too much. But yes, I have some things planned I want to achieve and hopefully I’ll even surpass my goals and expectations and improve my life for the better. That’s all I can say 😊

9P: Small Test: Choose a movie/series/book that represents your life (Or both… you decide!)

Netflix movie, Hustler. It doesn’t directly represent my life if you take the story with it, but of you take the directions the movie is written in and the theme and message of the movie, that is my life. 

The main character in the movie doesn’t quit or give up and I never will. “When you climb one mountain you realize there are more to climb”.

10P: And finally, are there any phrases, philosophy or references you follow in your everyday life?

The 41 tenets of Tateism

the 25th tenet: “I believe in acquiring wealth and abundance in order to improve my life and do good for those I care about

Are you leaving your networks?

Network is «networth». If the people around me, don’t want the same as me in life and they are slowing me down, I will cut them off. 

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