Interview Raluca and Duncan – collaboration for ULab

The spaces that are open to collaborations are very important since he understands the work that means starting from scratch. ULab is not only a business center, but also a place where we can grow in many ways, and one of them is by providing our spaces for startups to make themselves known.

On this occasion we are very happy to work with Raluca and Duncan who took different photographs of the ULab facilities, offering us their creativity and professionalism. For the month of February, together with Raluca and Duncan we will hold an event in which you are invited to participate.

Do you want to know more about them? Here we leave you this super interview.


1P: For those who do not know you in ULab, Who are you? 

We are Raluca and Duncan, we moved from London to Alicante. Raluca has been a commercial photographer for over ten years working with brands such as Laura Ashley, Monsoon and Accesorize. Duncan specialises in IT and through his 20 year career in the industry has been the go to tech guy for media giants such a BBC and McCan. He also has a flair for sound engineering and stage management, running stages at festivals across the UK, including Secret Garden Party and Wilderness.   

2P: What do you do? 

We run our own business, RedCat Media. We specialise in all forms of commercial photography, web design, & social media management. We also have a small sound system for hire and parties, Duncan couldn’t help himself.

3P: What role do you have in the company? (If you don’t work on your own) 

Raluca is the photographer and creative genius behind RedCat, she also handles most of the social media management. Duncan does most of the technical and admin work behind the scenes to make sure Raluca’s crazy ideas come to life.  He also does web design and poster design.

4P: In today’s competitive world, what do you think sets you apart from the competition? 

Raluca is able to inject her creativity into any project and adapt to the client’s needs and aesthetics.  Duncan has a natural aptitude and interest in finding solutions to problems. We’ve been the best team for the last 11 years and we love a challenge.  

5P: How do you end up at ULab? 

One of the Ulab regulars, Levi, contacted us for some headshots for his new business. We came, we loved the space and ended up back again and again.

6P: What does ULab give you as a place to work? What advantages do you find in working in a Coworking space? 

We love that you can come here and focus on the work you have to do without “working from home” distractions such as pets, kids or cleaning. The open space gives us a chance to interact with new people.

7P: Do you think that working in a coworking helps new entrepreneurs? 

Of course, it enables you to socialise, bounce ideas off each other while providing a casual relaxed atmosphere to work in.

8P: Do you have any new project in your hands for 2022 – 2023 that you want to share with us?

Yes! We’re planning on hosting a photography exhibition / competition here at ULab in early 2023. We obviously want to be inclusive, so anyone will be able to enter. Watch this space for more details!

9P: Small Test: Choose a movie/series/book that represents your life (Or both… you decide!) 

Raluca: For me it would have to be Alice in Wonderland because I too like to talk to rabbits in waistcoats and blue caterpillars(lol). But seriously, I love the idea of believing in something impossible in order to make it possible. Sometimes the only thing getting in the way is your own mind. I like to watch it whenever I feel a bit lost or down in the dumps. 

Dunk: IT crowd? If you’ve not seen it, it’s a UK sitcom based on a small IT support team and their hijinks.

10P: And finally, are there any phrases, philosophy or references; you follow in your everyday life?

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?” The IT Crowd

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

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